How to reduce the moving costs by reducing the overall load?

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Whether one is paying a mover by the hour or by weight or doing the packing all by themselves, people can surely save a lot of money by taking a fewer number of things along!  Here are a few questions to think about before talking to hebystad.se/flyttjanster.

Is the item worth taking? Very often, people take goods and items of furniture which are not worth all the trouble being taken to move it.  Worn out couches, inexpensive tables which can be replaced and things that can be replaced without any losses should ideally be left behind or handed over to organizations like the Salvation Army and NGOs.  Making a budget and putting away money will help to buy new items for the new home. Whatever one saves in the transportation costs can be used to buy these new things. When you are moving to a new home, it does not really make sense if you continue to use the worn out stuff.


Always keep the change of scenery in mind: Many people don’t realize that their lifestyles will change when they move to a new city.  If a person is moving from the coast to the mountains, there is no point taking along a boat or in the reverse case -skis are no use near the ocean unless one plans to make annual trips to go skiing.

Do you have any old appliances?  It is always a good idea to donate or sell off old appliances like dryers and refrigerators and invest in more energy efficient ones.  Newer and energy saving appliances are being brought to market all the time and it makes great value of sense to upgrade to such newer appliances.  Moving time is a good time to consider whether one wants to really invest money in transporting a piano that no one is likely to use in the future or to transport some other furniture that one wouldn’t use.

Simplifying one’s life: More and more people are realizing that reducing the number of things they have – from too many clothes to knickknacks to souvenirs etc. helps in having an uncluttered home and frees up money.  Money and time can be invested in travelling and spending time doing things that are far more rewarding.  One of the easiest ways to divest oneself of unwanted items is to either give it away to charity or sell it through newspaper ads, garage sales or on the web.

Moving during the off season 

Just like any other industry, there are high and low seasons.  Summer is the busiest season for moving companies as many people go to different cities for their jobs.  Children are on vacation making it convenient to take time to drive and set up a new home.  If one is not in a hurry and not constrained by factors like children or the need to be in a particular job right away, a move can be postponed and done during times when moving companies are freer.  Consumers can also get better prices on packing up a home and storage facilities. So, if you still have questions like how much does a moving company cost, follow the above tips to use their services at a relatively low expense.