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What is an Ad blocker

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The number of internet users is growing every day, so the number of advertisements is also being increased. This will also increases the demand of ad blockers. This will show a impact on the advertising industry.  Ad blocking is the content filtering and to block ads for the chrome, Apple safari, Firefox, Opera and some other web browsers. Ad block allows the users to prevent the advertisements, so it cannot be displayed. It is free to download. While ad blocking is used by a very small percentage of online population, people use the Ad blocker to block the ads. The web advertising causes more annoyance with the larger ads, pop ups, executions and many expandable ads. So the users are using the Ad blocking software. So an Ad blocker is a program that can remove all the different kinds of advertisements. Ad blockers work in various ways. Some are work as standalone programs, while some are features of comprehensive customizing services for a operating system or particular browser. Users may have a many options for blocking out different kinds of ads. There are many simple programs that can use for free to block out the ads. So the user can surf the web without having any distractions or Interruptions.

How it works? :

block ads

The Ad blocker uses the filtering rules to block the ads on a web page. A user can use these rules to block the ads and even you can add the rules that will add exceptions for the sites that were in the White – listed. This will block the communication to the ad servers, which is every HTTP request is matched to your block filter list. If the URL is matched with the entry in the list then the resources will be immediately blocked. The page will be downloaded but certain elements like ads are hidden. It will not display to you. Because of blocking ads the page will be load fastly. Now the chrome has the ad blocker as a built in function. This will not block all the ads of on all the sites. It will block only the bad ads and punish that websites severely. The operation of Ad blocker in Google chrome is very simple. In chrome the Google will analyze all the ads like pop up notification, YouTube notifications, auto playing video ads and some types of ads which is no longer wants to see. When you are surfing in site then chrome will check that site. Chrome will display the message that the site will be failed to open because of the too many ads. Then it will ask permission to allow the ads on that site. Most of the ad blockers are evil, they will cut the primary source of income of the websites by killing them. But some of the ad blockers did not block all the ads. They will block only the bad ads. The chrome will give a chance to that website to improve the ads. It will help to improving the quality of the ads.