how to get instagram followers

Instagram and What You need to Do

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The secret of Instagram’s success is the result of the emotions aroused by the universality of its linguistic code. The application, born in 2010 to take pictures and modify them with filters, has transformed the techniques of photography in addition to photography itself from a way to share a memory to a way to share a moment.  So when you think about how to get instagram followers you need to think about couple of aspects.

how to get instagram followers

The Transformation of Instagram

This transformation has relied on the main characteristic of the images, that is, to transmit emotions transcending language barriers and the result is the over 700 million users who, in the last seven years, have published 30 billion photos and videos. The data on subscriptions on Instagram are constantly growing in the last four months there has been an increase of around 100 million users that does not stop.

In fact, the platform has a higher engagement rate than other social media and reaches more varied audiences than Facebook or Twitter. In light of these numbers and these considerations, it becomes essential for companies that have not already done so to start considering using Instagram in their communication strategy, thus making Instagram marketing a strong point. Nowadays many online guides are available to make you understand how to get instagram followers.

Get Famous in Instagram

To be successful on Instagram, it is not necessary to randomly publish photos and images of impact, on the contrary it is necessary to have a clear vision of the objectives to be achieved and how the channel can be inserted in an already consolidated brand strategy.

In the case of a store account it is important that the same becomes a sort of showcase that heralds the vision of what the user will physically find in the store and start an early selection. In the same way we must not limit ourselves to photographing the product on a shelf, worn by a model or in pre-made photo sets: it is important to show how the product is used daily or to experiment with alternative methods.

When an Instagram content strategy is outlined, it may be useful to consider the idea of ​​showing all the people who work on the creation of the brand’s products and services; from the head to the editor, from the seamstress to the warehouse worker: a company is a big family and space must be given to everyone. Followers will be curious to discover the figures that lie behind their favorite brand; moreover this will make the brand much more human.


Once objectives and strategy have been defined, the phase of engagement creation arrives. Instagram was born as an image sharing tool, but over time it has consolidated its nature as a social network and so, not having the top or down approach typical of offline communication, to get a minimum of visibility it is necessary to participate in the community. This concept for companies is transformed into a search for user generated content and monitoring of conversations around one’s brand starting from an official hash tags.

What are the benefits that come from it?

In this way, companies can monitor the sentiment around the brand, seize interesting input on what the market requires, retain their users until they become customers and get free visual content that they can use to promote their products.