Art Jamming

The picture is the poem without any words

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Art Jamming

The life very beautiful and art is also be beautiful and it makes the world beauty and filialness in her life makes the world fabulist and the art most decorating one in the world and even in the world everything and everyone has art and beautifulness in her life and beauties in her life the world will come in nature it also make it in the art and paintings the peoples are very thankful in all the painters and artists in the world because they giving the world beauties and cute in his hand made word also the world will be very beautiful and fabulist one in the city. And another thing is nature is another best think it also made in art the artist does artwork first select the most beauty full nature places only in the world and techniques in their life most peoples Art Jamming is liked in nature also because that has lots of benefits in our life and many relaxations that have been giving is nature also can be given in the world nature first thing is the tree and green grass is the most important nature thinks in her life .a picture is the poem without any words in her life and secrete. And the most beautiful line is the long life is very short in this war prom world. The world is looking very beautifully why that security is the art and most famous paintings all over the world and many famous painters in the artist also have many opportunities to make her life very beautiful and think in the city in the world.

Famous painters

  • The first and most famous painting I know is Mona Lisa painting in the world that painting is more special and that the painting was an a lady panting you want to see that painting go to search Google you will see that painting where that you don’t that painting related paintings in  the world paintings and that the painting the lady eye was seen in only one place but the painting special is the lady eye is seen in many places you wanted in the eyes will see in your focus also  first you see that painting that at all you see what is special thing in this Mona Lisa painting the world famous painting one in the  world and another famous painter is Picasso paintings in the second world famous painting nod many more famous painters in our country and all over the world being also in her life make it very  beautifully and very important think this the good is also a very good painter In this world because the god will produce the most beautifully peoples in the world also and they have a good habit give that the god also so and all I will say god also a good artist in the world that and all god was the first famous painter in the world because they product the worlds beauty and god will be produce this most beautiful world and peoples and generate him completely in all over  the life also and the peoples give more respect and more sincere and dedication in her life being living . so that the art makes the man’s life very beautiful and the best art In Singapore will all the peoples are saying.