Sports reviews viewed in korea

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Like so many countries around the world, Koreans love sports, and you always spot enthusiastic crowds around stadiums and grounds cheering and expressing their love for the sport and players on the field. Sports are a great part of Korean society and how they love to play in the same fans and spectators long for good match viewing. Grab more know-how about the online games on

Which are popular sports in Korea?

The most popular sports that are played in Korea are baseball, football, and basketball. Talking about sports is a favorite pastime for many Koreans over a local drink called soju.

Baseball in Korea

Though baseball was newly introduced in the country somewhere in the ’80s and played in quite a few countries all over the world the biggest being Canada and the USA.

The fan base of baseball is quite high compared to other games and closely followed with a large viewership. The players are considered stars and very much in vogue for their play.

Basketball in Korea

Basketball is another game that was introduced in the late ’90s, even though it is a popular game very few countries play it actively, but Korea, since the beginning has been keen in getting the basketball in many households of Korea.

Students in schools and colleges made basketball what it is today in Korea. The trend of playing games on campus and love for playing varied games has increased by tenfold in recent times. Playing in colleges got them attention and easy access to the big teams and played for them, thus increasing fan base and viewership.

Football in Korea

Football is the most widely played game in the world, and most of the countries play it and have teams that represent their country with World Cup tournaments gathering highest viewer rating in the world with favorites of the game present in even non playing nations. Korea is one of the contenders in the world league. The players are extremely loved in the home country with a large fan base and viewership.

Football has a large number of sponsors and talent is nurtured judiciously. Stars are honed and brought out obscurity to world attention.

The popularity of these sports vary according to the season of play and the tournaments held but still baseball, football and basketball chronologically stand in popularity charts. Mogi Tv provides all the know-how and information about online sports games in Korea.

With all other sports coming up in the coming years, e-sport is the biggest draw for Korea as new games launched online, many players come to play, and various tournaments are organized and this makes an interesting mix of all kinds of sports that a country can boast of.

The viewing by the viewers is not limited to one sport but a wide range of sports which has enabled people to open up and accept the other games of play than the longtime popular three. Though these positions of the games will remain so, people would love to catch other sports too in-between the big three.