Archery Tag Singapore

Spend Quality Time in Archery Tag Sport With Your Team

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Archery tag is a nice outdoor sport that involves more focus. This game can be played by more number of people as teams. Two teams can participate in this game and each team can have a minimum of 4 players to the extent till 9 players. The players should have all the necessary safety materials for the sport for protecting themselves during the play. The safety masks and all other guarding equipment should be along with the players. The players should have a larger area to have a safe play. There should be a greater distance between the two teams and there should be a safety area between the two teams.Archery Tag Singapore

The safety area takes a major part in this archery tag game. The archery tag game has some rules which have to be followed by all the players. The first and foremost work before starting the play is to set the right place for both the teams and the safety area. Then the teams should be divided and the arrangement of arrows and bows for the players. The players of each team will throw the arrows on the opposite or to the respective targets. The main combat goal is to achieve more points in the game by picking more arrows than the other team.

Points for Victory:

The points will be calculated in the archery tag sport. In case, if the person can take the target then the person will be awarded 2 points. If a person catches the arrow fired by the opposite team during its fly then he will be awarded 2 points. The grabbing of the arrow will help the team in a better way to rejoin the eliminated player in the team. If the person grabs the arrow fired by the opponent team the grabbing team can get back its eliminated player. This will be very useful for the teams for strengthening the team. If a person hits the player of the other team then one point will be awarded. The person who has received the arrow shot will stay from the game just for 30 seconds.

Archery Tag Singapore

The archery tag is the safest game for everyone until and unless the rules are followed correctly. The people who wish to play this game should know the detail of all the rules of this game. The players of the game should compulsorily follow the guidelines given by the instructor in the right way. The main important precaution which has to be taken by the players is to wear all the safety equipment. Then the players are instructed not to shoot other players from the distance less than 7 meters. The main goal of the archery tag game is to release adrenalin and enjoy the game with more fun. Though there are some harmful activities in this game, people can have fun experience by following the rules in the right way along with safety precautions.

These rules should be followed by all the players to enjoy the play without giving any chances for the harmful activities. This will help all the players to have a great time in the sport along with the team members.