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Personal Loan Options That Are Truly Important to You

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Getting a personal loan is usually the first way out when you need extra cash? This credit may be an option, but it is not always the only one. There are four ways you should try before looking for a loan. With them, you spend less on interest and are less likely to let debt get out of hand. We will try? Well, of course! With 100 loan options by your side, you can simply go for the best choices now.

Make internet sales

Nowadays there are many websites for buying and selling used products. Depending on what you have at home, it is worth putting something for sale and getting the money to pay off the emergency.

Watch out: every sale requires care. Only deliver the product when you receive the money or confirmation from the site that payment has been made. And the more details you give about what you are going to sell, the more chances you have. Then take pictures and describe the actual situation of the product.

100 loan

Asking for help from relatives

If you believe a family member can help you right now, try talking and explaining the emergency situation. See who can lend you money now and agree when and how you will pay this amount. Try to pay money on time to get this support whenever you need it.

Sell the holidays

When you take a 30-day vacation, the company financier makes this count: He’ll pay you a salary on the first day of your vacation, plus 1/3 of your salary that day. That is, if you earn $ 3,000, you will receive $ 4,000 in total. So the next month, when you come back from vacation, you get nothing because you already earned the advance salary. By law, you can only sell 10 days of your vacation and you need to take the rest. Here’s what the account will look like:

On the first day of the vacation you get the salary and 1/3 of your salary for a salary of $ 3,000 you will get $ 4,000, as in the example above.

Then you will have the 20 days free and 10 days worked. But when you return, you will receive the salary that corresponds to these 10 days of work and this is the amount you sold to the company. In the example of a $ 3,000 salary, you would receive $ 1,000 for the time you sold. The exchange is worth it because you earn money you would not receive and you have this help to pay off the emergency expense that came up.

Important: It is the company that decides when you are going on vacation. So if you really need this money right now, negotiate with your boss and see if you can take the vacation as soon as possible.

Pout on the weekend

What can you do that could be helpful to your neighbors and close friends? Paint the wall? Fix computers or electronics? Work as a nanny? When you need extra money to cover an unexpected expense, try to be creative in starting a weekend spout. Search the internet for homework ideas. See how much others charge you for this service, and go around the neighborhood spreading your new work. Maybe this nozzle does not yield more than you need and becomes something fixed per month?