Looking at the Best of the Real estate Now

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Be careful, that when you use your non-sales system which does not provide for any skimming and prequalification of the caller, it is the customers on the phone who qualify you that is, they ask you if the property can interest them or not, and they are the ones who decide to come and visit your home, and this implies that you waste a lot of time, that your family’s privacy is violated, that you are disturbed from morning to evening. This implies that your sale will most likely not be as simple and pleasant. There comes the option for now.

Up to the many homeowners who after a few months of this unspeakable Chinese torture, what are they doing? They start to raise the sign, to be disheartened, to give up the sale and to pass the ball to the real estate agent.

Opting for a Real Estate Agent

A real estate agent who is not doing so much better because on average the real estate agent does the same thing: since he has some property for sale and maybe even out of price, what happens? When a call comes in, he makes the same mistakes you make: rather than prequalifying the client, it is the client who prequalifies the real estate agent and asks him for all the various things about the apartment.

This is if he is already an advanced customer because on average the buying customer calls and says “I want to see the property”, and the real estate agent drops his pants and makes an appointment without knowing anything about the customer who will take you on a visit.

If it is okay, fix the meeting with this potential customer at the church of the village or in front of the pastry shop, if it is bad, he will fix it directly under the door of your house and bring you dogs and pigs I said before.

That is, translated, the real estate agent does the same job that you do, or rather does not do any prequalification work, therefore, even by referring to the real estate agent, you have absolutely not solved the problem: maybe he has a little more eye, maybe he discards customers, so he brings a little less.

The problem is that by discarding without having a scientific and well-studied pre-qualification system, maybe you discard the good ones, because they are unpleasant to him, but they are good from the point of view of the purchase because they have the money or they can have it, and instead, he brings you, minions, only because they are very nice toads who also sell what they don’t have and then they don’t even have eyes to cry and they come there to waste your time.

So what is it you need to do to avoid all this?

You have to take control of the game that is what you have to do whether you work alone, or you work with real estate agents who do not have a Real Estate Sales System and that you have to prequalify the customer already on the phone.

You have to ask him some very important questions such as: “Very good Mr., but what kind of property are you looking for?” Clear why? If it does not coincide with yours, it is useless to waste time trying to sell him a 3 bedroom when they are looking for a mini apartment or vice versa.