concrete polishing tools

How to choose the best concrete polishing diamond pads

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Whether you are concrete flooring manufacturers or suppliers, it is crucial to consider buying the concrete polishing tools before your sale. The raw concrete floors will not be useful for any flooring purposes at home or commercial areas because they are hard, easy to get stains and more. In order to make it easy to clean, beautiful and also stain the free floor, it is crucial to do the polishing words. For all these polishing requirements, it is very important to choose the best polishing tools which are suitable for the concrete floors. When it comes to the polishing of concrete floors, it is always better going with the diamond concrete polishing pads.

concrete polishing tools

Choosing diamond polishing pads:

From dry and wet diamond pads, the wet polishing pads are always the best choice to gain the maximum level of polishing result in both the industrial and commercial applications. Such kinds of the polishing pads are usually designed to provide the ultimate floor treatment solutions which are unmatched not only for the concrete surfaces but also for the marbles, grass, granites, linoleums, wood, terrazzo, PU overlay floors, vinyl and etc. If you are willing to prefer the diamond polishing pads for all your concrete polishing needs, you have to consider the following important factors including,

  • Size – The size of the diamond polishing pads are very important to pick the best choice for all your requirements. The large diameter pads of about 7 inches are highly stable on the flat and large areas whereas the smaller diameter pads of about 3 to 4 inches are only less stable. They usually work well to process the edges & narrow sections of the concrete floors. It is always good to choose 5 inches diameter diamond polishing pad to use on the hard stones but not on the concrete.

More considerable factors in choosing polishing pads:

  • Thickness – If you are choosing the thicker diamond polishing pads, they will be long lasting and also stiffer, but sometimes they are flat to cupping when dry. The thin pads are highly flexible and provide more benefits when polishing or honing inside the curved areas integral sinks.
  • Pattern – When choosing the concrete polishing tools like diamond polishing pads, you should also consider the right pattern to mold the cutting surface on the concrete. The polishing pads which have huge narrower channels are definitely the best choice to polish the concrete surfaces in the highly flexible manner.
  • Diamond quality – As it is simple to see the channel pattern and thickness of the diamond pad, it is somewhat impossible to find the quality of the diamonds used in the pads. The best quality pads have more numbers of diamonds; thus they are somewhat expensive than others.
  • Binder – The binder which encapsulates the diamonds is very crucial like the diamonds because it has a real effect on the longevity and performance of the pad.

By considering all these factors, you can choose the right diamond polishing pads for your concrete surfaces.