How a ClairvoyantHeals using his Stones and Crystals

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The Stones and Crystals were created over the millennia and are used in the treatment of suffering people with respect to their zodiac sign. They differ in color, size,and properties from one another. They are best known as life-giving elements of earth and the universe. They play an important role in the Healingsterapi udført af annerkendt healer i hele verden process of the suffering that had approached the clairvoyant to find a solution for their problem. Both these stones and crystals are best to harness the power of the Sun, the Moon and the Oceans. Are you aware of the divine power of these stones and crystals which can rock your world when you come in contact with a Rekki practitioner who uses them in their treatment process? An astrologer can also guide you the importance of these gemstones as which one will suit your body according to your birth star to benefit you and bless you for your entire life.

Best of Stones and Crystals:

  1. A common man cannot take his own decision to come in contact with these precious stones and crystals. They can be worn by a person only when an astrologer or a Reiki practitioner suggests them to heal their stress and other life-related issues true to their zodiac sign as they differ in their properties while undergoing treatment.
  2. It is an ancient belief that Crystals are well connected with Earth due to their tangible and physical form as they emit powerful vibrations and energy levels which the Clairvoyant can feel through their divine power present inside them that manifests their intentions to create something in their life and helps them carry on their spiritual journey smoothly.
  3. When the skin of the person comes in contact with these precious stones and intention crystals they pick their unique inner energy and amplify their positive vibrations that play a vital role in cultivating their intentions.
  4. Although there is a wide range of crystals and stones available in the universe all in dazzling colors, shapes,and patterns,it is suggested to choose through a Clairvoyant which heals the blockages and ward off negative energy from one’s life to keep their state of mental calm and healthy.
  5. It is advised to purchase your gemstones from a certified distributor who is having years of experience in handling these precious stones and powerful crystals that are often used to heal the person who is suffering from any problem that they are currently facing.
  6. Clear Quartz, Amethyst, Selenite, Shungite and Citrine are the intention crystals which are worldwide popular to gain their power for encouragement, harmony,and peace of mind in one’s life.
  7. Improve your physical appearance, peace of mind and tranquility by using these gemstones your treatment process which set your vibration frequency and connects you well with the energy of Earth and Universe.





Benefit yourself from this ancient art of getting healed by powerful gemstones which are a vital part of Earth and Universe. Each and every gemstone is unique with respect to its color, size,and properties that are also related to birth star or zodiac sign so that the person wears the correct stone or crystal to get healed. Allow these precious stones to stay in contact with your skin to feel their power, vibration,and frequency to get rid of stress and pain.They are helpful to boost one’s intention and achieve success in their life that balances their emotions, to keep them stay healthy and calm.