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Fine Choices for the Perfect House Renovation

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If it is generally the scope of work that defines the budget, it is often the budget that determines the feasibility of the site. If it is a question of renovation, of refreshment, like for example the paintings or the grounds , it will be necessary to count between 35 $ and 50 $ per m² of wall or 100 $ to 150 $ per m2 of the room for paints and between $ 50 and $ 200 for floors, depending on whether it is carpet, tiling or parquet classic, solid. Everything obviously depends on the scope of the project and the materials chosen. With the rénovation maison you can find the best choices now.

What Decoration for the Interior of His House?

Renovating the interior of a house often involves decoration. It is important to create a universe corresponding to your desires. The contemporary style is characterized by simple and clean lines, a controlled choice of materials, sober colors, a few sparse patterns and a decoration respecting the harmony of the architecture and the character of the place.

Conversely, for more traditional decor, bet on warmth with materials such as wood, stone, fabrics, more saturated colors and prints, add to that rustic-looking furniture and you will have a cozy interior. Be careful however to stay measured, your interior should not be confused with a flea market. Choose to bet on furniture and decoration while remaining sober on materials and colors, or conversely, enhance the nature of your walls and floors if these are made of stone, wood, adobe and bring a contemporary touch with the furniture. Contemporary or traditional, the whole thing is to respect a certain measure.

Discover Several Small Tips and Ideas to Renovate Your Home

Call an architect or a decorator. He will be responsible for designing a development plan according to your desires and needs while knowing how to exploit the best of your habitat in order to make the most of it, he will design the plan of your new installation and will take charge if you wish of the renovation in the construction phase.

Consider investing in an efficient and ecological heating system. It will return it to you over time. More than a simple debate, ecology represents the future of construction, as much to tackle it now. And the non-negligible bonus is that installing an environmental heating system to give you a tax deduction.

Insulate your home. And yes, the energy performance of a house ensures your comfort, your portfolio will thank you at the end of the year. A well-insulated house can give you huge savings. The ideal is to insulate from the outside even if it is a substantial site that requires you to facelift, this solution is really more efficient. However, interior insulation is not to ban either, choose the best materials according to the nature of your walls.

Less expensive, the makeover solution: to give new life to the interior of your home, move your furniture and repaint some of it. Changing the destination of certain rooms is possible if your budget allows.

rénovation maison

How to Renovate Your Kitchen?

It is possible to change everything, break and start again. However, this practice is expensive, takes time and is not very practical when the work takes several weeks.