Locksmiths Altrincham

Early History of Locksmiths

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In olden days people are guarded by knights. Particularly Arthurian knights are very popular in safeguarding the country. Knights are appointed as one knight per month and they are the best as considered by kings and queens. Then people started to safeguard their precious things in the box. While preparing the box, they planned to lock the box. This is the first step in manufacturing a lock-in wood. Locksmiths Altrincham has a touch from those ancient Egyptians who lived 4000 years ago. Once the locks are introduced in wood with the help of pins, the trade merchants, voyagers and other travels used it to safeguard their belongings from the pirates. They used pins to unlock the lock but later it is changed to wooden keys. One such old model which used the most in ancient times is Assyria in 704 BC.

Locksmiths Altrincham

Roman Locks

Roman people are the wealthiest people and they only started to build big houses, roads and many monuments and buildings. To keep their valuables safe they made the keys as rings and they wear it in their hands, then all the upper-class people stated to follow that method and then during the medieval period, they started to manufacture locks in iron.

England, Europe and Asian Locks

After Romans, England, Europe and Asian people used the locks and it gets popularised all over the world. Even you can see in the paintings also the locks are used. From 1300 started a lock business and people started to purchase lock and keys. Exactly to say from William conquerors period lock and keys are the prominent thing that everybody will possess.

New Innovations in Locks

Now are people are familiarised and they started to work with lock and keys. So they the locksmiths started to decorate the lock and key by innovative practices. Then they started to give the locks decorated with dragons and horses as a gift to royal people. There is an improvement in the locking mechanism and they showed their best models and different models. During that times thieves are increased in number, to control them many locks are manufactured with high quality and then people planned to fix the lock in all the doors to lock all the rooms separately, particularly to preserve the valuable things. They plan these ideas to tackle the situation of women when their husbands went to the battlefield the women in the houses are not able to protect the valuables. So they planned to keep their belongings safe even the household articles. Locksmiths are joined together in a single place and they start to work in groups. They work in the villages and they supplied their locks in the fair to sell. When the town gets developed they also moved to the towns and they start to survive under the city limits, to help the people in need. In the 18th century, locksmiths choose metal for making locks as the burglary increased more. Then two brothers joined and created a metal lock with the help of technology which is unpickable by the thieves. It gives more protection to the people. So the later locksmiths followed the brothers’ technique to keep the people safe. The lock is an important thing that people are safe and happy on their belongings.