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All-On-Four Treatment Concept in Dental Implants

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One of the extraordinary challenges in the scientific implant area of expertise is the remedy of sufferers with significantly symptom jaws. Such atrophy is additionally horizontal or vertical or both; Alfvén though the adequate vertical bone is a gift, loss of ridge breadth will, however, forestall remedy with implants that as four metric amounts in diameter or more extensive. Over the years, many strategies, procedures, and substances unit of measurement delivered to resolve the superior troubles associated with the remedy of symptom jaws. One new technique inside the posterior higher jawbone changed into to bolster the sinus beside the coincident placement of implants. In instances anyplace, the articulate peak is also a smaller amount than twelve. Zero mm, tissue augmenting strategies in conjunction with bone ridge growth and bone grafts as generally created very important to allow the position of traditional dental implants.


Dermatologist arising with The All-on-four scientific answer has been advanced to Maximize employment of handy bone b. to allow for Immediate perform. No intense para functions. To decrease the cantilever, tilt the posterior implants. It Doesn’t want loads of broader hole of the mouth. It’s amusing to position implants among extraction sockets. Indicated with the littlest bone breadth of five millimetres and the smallest bone peak of ten millimetres from dog to dog in the higher jawbone and eight-millimetre in the jawbone. If angulation is 300 or further, the leaning implants square measure getting to be splinted.

Advantages of the All-on-4 Concept.

  • Avoids superior surgery
  • The less invasive technique for the atomic quantity cardinal.
  • Graft loads of less technique.
  • Implants well-spaced, clever biomechanics, easier to wash, on the spot, perform, and aesthetic.
  • Simplified surgical & prosthetic technique.
  • Reduced price because of loads of fewer kinds of implants.
  • High accomplishment quotes.

Ungulate posterior implants.

« Avoid anatomical structures


« allow longer implants anchored in the higher pleasant bone

« Reduces posterior cantilever


ü The length of cantilever inside the prosthetic tool can’t be extended past the limit.

ü Freedom discretionary surgical placement of the implant isn’t constant ability as implant placement is completely prosthetically driven.

ü It’s very methodology touchy and needs Byzantine explicit- surgical instruction like CAD/CAM, surgical splint.


An up to date shift in the observed paradigm has been to attenuate remedy expenses and affected person morbidity. In contrast, importation of the foremost pleasant affected person-targeted remedy effects to stay with the state of the look of observing. The “All-on-Four” remedy set up is Associate in Nursing ordeal to realize those goals with the assistance of exploitation importation passing uncomplicated, favorable remedy preference to rehabilitate toothless sufferers with Associate in Nursing excessive final results of Quality of life.


The “All-on-four” remedy plan appears to be Associate in Nursing alternate different for rehabilitating toothless jaws compared with superior surgical procedures at the identical time as presently, not exploitation detachable prostheses. It is a cost-powerful technique, reducing the remedy times, the morbidity, and allowing the subsequently affected person-pleasant of life. Placement of dental implants antecedents in makes a trial to the touch upon the significantly resorted higher jawbone and articulate have had entirely restrained accomplishment.