All Essential Support for Home Buying

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Those interested in buying an apartment often rely solely on the information provided by a real estate agency or property owner. However, neither the seller nor the real estate agency is often interested in sharing some information with a potential buyer, which should then request or verify it himself. Below are a few questions you should know before you decide whether to make a purchase or not. You can make a visit to for the best information for the same.

Technical condition of apartment and house

In addition to the condition of the apartment itself, it is advisable to get acquainted with the general condition of the house, for example, elevator, risers, wiring, cellars, and shared beds.

The legal status of apartment and house

Do not rely on a real estate agent and arrange for an expert to verify the legal status of the purchased property like property rights, easements, rent, lien, etc.

In addition, setting the contractual relations with the seller and, in extreme cases, the possibility of canceling the purchase contract is crucial. It is extremely important to properly set the purchase price to give the buyer a guarantee that the seller with money will not “runaway”.

Cooperative flat: check the conditions in the cooperative

To find out what rights and duties I have as a cooperative in the statutes. Can I sublease without my team’s permission? Do I have to pay something to the cooperative for subletting an apartment? What other duties do I have with the team? It can be combined with the overall legal review of the cooperative apartment.

Apartment to personal property to check property conditions in the house

How much contribution do I have to make each month to the unit owners’ community? Who owns the other apartments in the house? Will I be able to influence house management with my voice?

Find out the maximum information about living in and around the house

The reason the apartment owner sells, relationships in the house, the composition of residents in the house, any problems that the residents weigh on the house, plans to build around the house.

Find out information about debts that are stuck in the apartment or house

Possible arrears to the repair fund are tax arrears, distrait to the owner and other inconveniences that may unpleasantly surprise the new owner.

How to get information?

You can collect information from an attorney or technician, directly from the seller, informally addressing another occupant of the house or even from the members of the DV committee or the authority more problematic, as the willingness to disclose inside information may not be too great. It is also possible to request minutes from house meetings or verify public sources.

In this way, the enumeration can be continued. However, we consider the above to be the key, so lucky hand in acquiring an apartment.

If you are buying a flat for a mortgage, you will have to watch every investment after all. Otherwise, you may end up in an older block of flats, where it is necessary to pay even large sums to the repair fund on a monthly basis for the same amount as a new home, which was slightly more expensive, but the other costs are substantially lower.