A word about different types of customized window styles

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Customers are bewildered by the umpteen varieties of window styles to choose from as part of their customization strategy to stand apart in the context of working with the concept of “making a difference”. The choice ranges from double hung windows, casement windows, awning windows, louvre windows and celestory windows. Customers are at liberty to pick the most befitting of the awnings & blinds from keeping in mind the setting of the room and their preferences governed by the ventilation required.

Types of Window Dressings

Having identified different types of window styles it is now time to delve into the details concerning window treatments.

Markets are flooded with innumerable options to choose from when it concerns window dressing alternatives. Customized shades, blinds and drapery all add their touch of class and purpose to window treatments.

Choosing between shades and blinds

Customers are always at a loss when they are pressed to make a choice between blinds and shades. The following details throw light on making the selection process a less daunting ordeal. Blinds are best suited for living spaces which demand an increased control over natural light. With built-in slats, blinds are not only easy to operate but are highly functional to ensure a free dispersal of light.

On the contrary, shades make their strong presence felt to ensure a greater deal of opaqueness to a room. Aptly installed in areas curbing high-visibility, shades gift the windows a smooth appearance. Available in different levels of opacity, they are best suited to allow the perfect amount of natural light inside.

Customized Shades

Choosing from a wide variety of different types of shades, namely roller shades, panel shades, solar shades and roman shades, these can be chosen based on the purpose of the window in addition to its demand for maintenance. Apt for filtering light, these customized shades do the trick of not only draping the window but also ensuring a reasonable flow of light.

Different options for Blinds

Offering a wide range of customized blinds for windows, customers can add the much needed natural element by opting to go in for wood blinds, vinyl blinds or even aluminum blinds. There are options to install vertical blinds for living spaces demanding greater control over light.


Another popular window dressing apart from customized shades and blinds is the use of draperies. Coming in different hues and textures, draperies add color to one’s life, painting the living spaces with a choice of pastel shades or even bright colors. The choice of both color and texture perceived as a style statement of the customer, drapes are the perfect accompaniments to windows as an extension of creativity.

Awnings might simply seem as items which open to surroundings. But there is a lot more than that meets the eye to customize a window, all for the look and feel of exclusivity.

Identified with the styling of one’s home, windows add a touch of class to every room notwithstanding the fact that they can either be contemporary or vintage. Focusing on the components of materials and different types of window dressings, one can customize windows to create that extra appeal to their homes.